Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday's Blogging Sense of Purpose--gone!

Now that I don't have the CSA wrap-up to discuss on Wednesdays, I'm at a loss this week. I do have some ideas for future Wednesdays but it requires I actually get some scribbling and scanning done. Stay tuned.

Wish I could talk about my knitting but as I've entered secret holiday knitting mode, not much can be discussed. About all I can say is Rowan's Kidsilk Haze is a slippery little devil on my rosewood needles. Definitely not used to knitting this sort of thing. I have been coveting some sock yarns here and here. I can't wait to try socks again! I have worn the pair I made since I grouched about them, and they were really comfy. I felt little rays of pride emanating from my feet. Ummm, at least I hope that's what was emanating from my feet and not some odor.

Feel like I snotted out some brain power with the evil sickness last week. I feel so scattered and am having a hard time concentrating on anything. This, combined with hormonal angst, is making for a potent case of the blahs. I hope that I feel a little more together and positive soon.

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Anonymous said...

Ok... I'm here. Um... What're we doing? Oh, right. Yay for socks!