Monday, October 23, 2006

Look what the cat dragged in...

I cannot resist the lure of your lovely images and silken words, oh Bloggy Pals. About all I didn't do during this little bloggy break was write. Although I can't even say that, as I was writing posts in my head all the time. I still spent time Flickring and reading all my fave blogs. Last Thursday was the only day I didn't touch the internet. It was rather refreshing but I was REALLY excited on Friday because I got to read two, TWO!, days of updates from my regular reads. I'm still not really sure what the heck I'm doing writing a blog but I guess I'll ride this wave until it is fun no longer.

What did I do while I was away aside from feeding my addiction to reading blogs and Flickr? Got my car fixed. Had to start over on the secret holiday knitting project about 5 times. Schoolwork. Housework. Cut all my hair off and it's not getting particularly good reviews. Oi! What is it about long(er) hair that stimulates other people's attachment to it? I wasn't particularly attatched to my (skinny, straggley) shoulder-length hair aside from the novelty factor that it was the longest I had had it in about 15 years. " cut. your. hair. Ummm, it's...nice?" has been the reaction at work today. I now have a very 20s stylee chin-length bob. I think it's cute. So there! Aren't my detractors lucky that I didn't do my fave Jean Seberg cut that I had when I was pregnant? Funny stuff (to me, anyway). Hmmm, that Jean Seberg 'do is starting to look might good again.

My first blogging day back and I rant about hair. Hold tight, my friends. I'll dish out some better stuff soon. Here's a pic of me and the kidlet walking in the desert to get us off this hairy post.


bekka said...

with a title like "look what the cat dragged in" i was expecting a shot of a mole or mouse, but the shadows of you and your daughter were such a plesant surprise!

Nessie Noodle said...

glad to see you back- great shadow picture- those are some of my favorites- they make me look really tallll.

Nessie Noodle said...

thanks for stopping by- the yoga class will be at Billinghurst MS on Tues starting at 4:30. We are going to have K-6th, but if your wee one is close in age we might be able to get her in there with us :)
check out the community ed link
the class list will be updated soon- and fill up fast :)

thanks for the book idea too!!

Knitting Momma said...

Welcome back!!! I think you have the right strategy - when blogging isn't fun any more, or when it detracts/distracts from the things you really want to be doing, then it's time to stop. Until then...we could all use another creative outlet and your posts are a joy to look at and read!