Thursday, October 12, 2006

Five Words...brought to you by the letter B

1--Baking. Banana Bread with chocolate chips.

2--Bought. Couldn't resist. 2.5--Bad, Ani, Bad.

3--Backyard. We've just entered the time of year where the backyard starts to fall apart. I really need to get out there and work at creating some 'fall and winter interest' that doesn't consist of dried up leaves, overgrown roses and strewn-about toy gardening tools. Yes, I know the photo isn't in line but it does some bizarre stuff when I format it to be in the middle. Askew, we shall remain.

4--Book--Cannot wait for this to arrive in my mailbox. My love for everything Moomin continues...

5--Break. I think I need to force myself to take a bloggy break and refocus. My words aren't coming out the way I want. In my hurry to post, I'm not taking the time to do it properly and weigh all my thoughts before spewing them all over the internet. Hopefully we'll all come back to a better, stronger, faster (wait, I thought I was writing too fast) blog soon. Time to listen to the fall grasses rustle in the wind and to figure out what the heck it is that I'm doing with this blog business anyway.


Nessie Noodle said...

mmm, nanana bread is one of my favorites. i have some in the fridge I should thaw :)

great photos this post-
have a good weekend!

The Whole Self said...

oooh, love your words mama. have a good break- i'll miss you and your words!

The Whole Self said...

i keep going back to look at that picture of your eggs in that red bowl. it's so stunning.