Friday, December 22, 2006

Five Random Things...

about me since my birthday is tomorrow.

1--Shy. I'm quiet. My mom told me I'd get over it like she did when she hit her 30s, but I'm almost 8 years too late for that. That's ok, I now embrace my quiet nature instead of fight it. This whole blogging thing has been cool for this since I can ramble on without feeling immediately embarrassed in front of people. I only feel delayed dorkiness after I hit 'publish post'.

2--Unphotogenic. Maybe that's why I like taking photos. I can look perfectly normal but when the shutter snaps open, my face contorts into strange configurations. A good reason for me to never join the Self Portrait Challenge.

3--Oysters. My favorite food. Well, maybe sushi is my fave. Or fresh baked bread. Or pie. Or muffalettas. Or salt and vinegar chips.

4--List maker, extraordinaire. I adore making lists. I am constantly making lists. Lists of things I want to do, things I need to do, things I want to knit. I often will put things on my list that are super easy to accomplish, just so I can have the pleasurable feeling of crossing something off my list.

5--Lucky. I really do lead a charmed life. I have wonderful family close by, we're all healthy, I work for a company that does good things. I have a little roof over my head to call my own. I have a hubby, a daughter and two silly dogs that I couldn't love more. Things are good at age 37-almost-38.

I really wanted to make a cool birthday list like hula, but my brain is fried from the gift card madness at work. Tonight, kidlet and I are making cupcakes for my birthday tomorrow. Tomorrow, breakfast, hanging out all day and then sushi for dindins with hub. Alone! Alone with hub! Amazing! After sushi, pick up kidlet and then it's cupcakes and champagne. We'll be having a family smorgasbord Christmas eve followed up by Christmas morning at hubby's dad's place. Then nothing but relaxation until next Wednesday. Lovely, I tell ya. I hope you all have a peaceful holiday, full of laughter and warmth. I'll catch up with you when I'm older.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to our boo! We love you so much.
G,R, Dink, and Nora

Nessie Noodle said...

I love that you are a december baby like me...
I hope this year brings you joy and peace and lots of art.

Happy Happy, Merry Merry, Joy Joy


Margo said...

Happy Birthday, Ani!!!

Between the Omaha connection and the love for salt-and-vinegar chips, we might be twins separated at birth.

Blessings to you and yours!


Ani said...

Thanks, everybody! It was a very good day...