Monday, December 18, 2006

snow kid, sniffles and stress

snow kid
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Sorry about the sporadic posting. Work is seriously kicking my booty. Evil, evil. It's keeping me so busy that I'm barely getting enough time to get my holiday stuff together. Christmas cards? What? Oh, I'm supposed to send those? Right...maybe next week. Oh, it's too late then. Oh dear. Presents? Can I just put them in a pile and cover them with a sheet instead of wrapping them? Wouldn't that be more envionmentally-friendly? You get the picture and them some. And I'm sick. Go figure.

So for your visual entertainment, we have kidlet sporting her fluffy pink coat and her Biggy Wool scarf I whipped up. No fancy stichin', just cozy. And we sure need cozy with this wacko weather.

We had a mini storm this weekend that caught everyone (myself included) off guard. Late Saturday afternoon, the roads made the transformation to 'ice rink'. Everyone in town was invited to take their cars out and share in the skidding. A twenty minute trip took us almost 2 hours as we drove 10 mph home. There was a 30 car pile-up right by the base of our hill. I tiptoed my way through, made it 80% up the hill, and walked the rest of the way home (much to kidlet's delight).

Ok, back to my madness...hugs to all.


Knitting Momma said...

She's about as cute as a little girl can be! Nice scarf, too!! Take good care during the holiday season...what doesn't get done will still be there when it's over.


bekka said...

i feel your pain about the cards. i have too much to do, and at this point, i'm in that deer in the headlights state and not doing a single productive thing!

Nessie Noodle said...

I like to save the card writing for an unexpected holiday... we did "Valentines" one year instead of holiday cards. It took the stress off and people loved to get cards unexpectidly.
Hope you are staying warm... The ice is melting :)