Monday, December 11, 2006

Five Things

...that have made me happy lately in this kookoo season.

1. Silence--I usually jump into the car and have the radio on. Usually it's NPR or if Kidlet is along, Muppet music or holiday tunes. But boy, who knew silence could be so good?

2. Belly Laughs--sharing a good ha ha with Kidlet or the hubby has been really helpful to release stress.

3. Giving--bought a toy for Toys for Tots this weekend and made a donation for the local SPCA.

4. Cooking--last week was a frenzy of onion soup, Morrocan vegetable stew, jambalaya. This week we have chili and soon, Pinkie's Brown Sugar Fudge. I swear you'll think you've gone to heaven if you eat this fudge. Not your average fudge.

5. Buying yarn. Ok. I wasn't supposed to but I really, really liked it.

Hope you are enjoying lots of happy things too.


Knitting Momma said...

Love the lovely silence...and congrats on the yarn purchases! Let's see some photos soon!

Ani said...

Yes, photos! I'm hoping in the not-too-distant future to get the camera out at a time when it's not dark (good luck!) and when the kidlet isn't wiggling so much that the photos come out as a blur.

bekka said...

silence is wonderful! enjoy it while you can.