Friday, December 29, 2006

Reflections on New Year's Past

My New Year's celebrations have generally been subdued. When I was little, it seemed like either Casablanca or Top Hat were always on the t.v., instilling my love for old films early. We'd also watch Nebraska kick some booty in the Orange Bowl. These were happy, simple times. When I got to the post-high school years, my friends and I would go downtown for the big countdown. It was always a big let down. I always wanted something magical to happen, to be swept off my feet and do something glamorous. I wanted the ringing in of the new year to instantaneously clear out any of my bad juju and make way for excitement. I guess I got a slight glimpse of what I wanted when I moved to New Orleans with the hubby (then boyfriend, tee hee!). We both worked in high-class restaurants so we never got the big smooch at midnight, but we'd get to see fancy-pants rich folks spend the holiday in 'style', spending gobs of cash. I was manager-on-duty/hostess which meant I had to attempt to keep my hard-drinking waitstaff sober enough to finish the night. This also meant I had to work till 4 in the morning doing inventory, the pain of which was softened by me making my inventory a little smaller (one beer for the inventory, one beer for me). It was better when I started cooking and got to leave at a (more) reasonable hour. We always thought New Year's was for drinking amateurs (just like Mardi Gras, Saint Patty's and Halloween) so our gang of friends would just go home early.

Now I usually spend the holiday snug at home with an old movie (usually "After the Thin Man"). Back to the happy, simple times, eh? Hubby is still in the restaurant biz (for just a little while longer, hang in there, Boo!) so it'll just be kidlet and me. We'll eat tuna melts and chips. I'll have a little champagne. I'll probably fall asleep before midnight so here's a toast to y'all...

"Here's champagne for your real friends and real pain for your sham friends".

Remember to eat fish first thing New Year's Day. The wise, old Latvians say it will bring wealth in the new year. I'm still waiting, but I can't fight the wise, old Latvians so I'll continue the tradition.

Postscript...sad about those restaurants that we both worked at being closed. Damn hurricane.


Knitting Momma said...

KK calls the Huskers the "suckers", which we try not to have him say in public in Omaha. It's just a 2-year-old's garbled word, but it's kind of true, given the past few years' record.

Anyway, thanks for the fish tip! Take good care this New Year's!

Ani said...

Tee hee! As of late, they are definitely 'the suckers'. When I was watching, it was the big time...Tom Osbourne and all that.

I ate my fish, but I'm still waiting for that suitcase of money to appear in the street.