Thursday, January 18, 2007

Funny Thing About Anger

Last night, I settle in on the couch, Rowan pattern in front of me, River on my needles. Hubby is in the kitchen (basically the same room, just separated by a kitchen island, or as we call it, 'kitschy islely'. anyway...). He says something, I say "what?" and turn around, pulling several stitches off my needles. I drop the f-bomb, whip River off the needles and throw it across the couch. Gotta say, it wasn't very satisfying. It fluttered so lightly, like a butterfly. No loud clattering or breaking. Just softly floated about two feet in front of me to rest on the couch. I grumble. Hubby stifles laughs and comments. A few minutes later, I laugh. Hubby says he never sees me get as mad as I do when I knit. Kidlet can make a giga-mess, the dogs can steal Kidlet's snacks, I can hit my shin on the corner of the bed...nothing makes me as mad as knitting. As the wise Knitting Momma reminded me, "Progress = Process". Must remember this.

Well, at least the knitting on the bunny should be done tomorrow and then it will stuffing, seaming and embroidering. I'm so very happy with the little bunny feet!

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Knitting Momma said...

I can't wait to see the bunny. No pressure, though!