Monday, January 08, 2007

I shoulda called this blog "Frogger"...

This weekend, I had time to knit. No schoolwork (for a couple more weeks anyway), no holiday stuff to prepare or clean up, no baking to do since I had really gone over the top last Thursday (three loaves of bread and chocochip cookies for a wee dinner party for 3. Yes, a loaf of french bread per person, long story but I didn't mean it to happen that way). I had already finished the front of the blue bunny and had started the back. My pattern is very fuzzy. I scrawled on a piece of "Hello Kitty" notepaper from one of kidlet's notebooks that she had already scribbled upon..."CO 23, st st....(big space here)...Dec beg each row. BO last 15 sts." I followed my instructions and side two of bunny came together quickly. Until I took it off the needles. Yeah. About 1/2" shorter than side one. I made a quick count of the rows and it was within 3 rows. Guess I should have made a real pattern, eh? Tried to frog it so I could knit more length, but the itsy bitsy needles I'm using made it rough. I spent a good 1/2 hour trying to fix it instead of starting over. I have a bunch of the yarn so I don't know why I think struggling to fix is going to be faster than starting over. Lesson learned. For probably the 12th time.

Since I was experiencing bunny burnout, I looked and found a lace cast-on that was nice-n-easy to start on River. I got rolling and then made a mistake around row two. Lesson learned, I start to take it apart. The cast on edge is all tangled up. Break yarn. Deep breath. Cast on. Ten rows! Ten rows! I feel like a knitting rock star! I check my work. I have inadvertently added 3 stitches. Ok, this shawl is for me. I can 'fix' that. But then I see some strange stitch back about row 5. The lace hides no mistakes. I try to fix it a couple of times, with poor results. Frog on, frog on. Break yarn. Deep breath.

Despite the fact I had no progress, I still feel satisfied with my 'progress'. I'm going to get it all right, just not right now. I need to remember that the action of knitting and concentrating on the stitches, instead of trying to multitask (as always) by knitting and watching a movie/reading/blogging, is a very good idea. Besides, I want to start meditating, maybe just being alone with the stitches would be a baby step in the right direction.


Knitting Momma said...

When knitting, "progress" = "process"...or something like that. Knit on!!! It's all good!

The Whole Self said...

i want to start meditating too, but it's damn HARD with two crazy kidlets sucking out my soul all day :)

i mean that in the nicest of ways, of course.