Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yesterday was a very good day...

Yesterday, I ...

--Took the day off and didn't look at the internet except twice (refreshing!). Once to check the weather for today and the other time I wanted to look on eBay to see what Hello Kitty Micro Pets were going for. I found one thrifting and was curious to see if was some crazy collectible. Nope. It's just a toy for kidlet.

--Don't think I was lazy yesterday! I moved the furniture in the bedroom and vacuumed under all of it. I think I found 3 fluffy dogs under there.

--Hubby and I painted the bedroom from a tropical turquoise (which he always hated, but he humored me, thanks Sweetie!) to an deep olive. It looks like a library. Love it.

--I did a ton of laundry. For real, a ton!

--Ok, maybe I exaggerate.

--I thrifted for the first time in a very, very long time. And I actually found stuff for a change! I bought a crocheted sweater ala Anthropologie for 4 bux. And the Hello Kitty Micro Pet, a cute hunk of fabric for 50 cents (blue gingham with little fruits scattered across), a black lacquer tray with a poppy (photo above) and a tiny red enameled saute pan (not Le Creuset, but it is stamped 'France'), and the most groovy perfect sunglasses. I haven't thrifted much here since the quality has seemed to be pretty crummy and good finds were too few and far between (at least for this thrifter who can't get out much). Man, the thrifting I used to do in New Orleans spoiled me for life. Vintage silk Chinese outfit for 7 bux? Yup. Faux lamb coat from the 50's for 3 bux? Yup. Unusual home decor? Old Fisher Price? Yup and yup. Everything was always in excellent condition too. Maybe I'll have to give the ol' Reno thrift scene a second chance. It would mesh nicely with trying to reduce my impact.

--And I ate sushi and drank a beer. In the afternoon. Suh-weet!

Now, it's back to work. And snow. Snow! I was wishing I had time to take a bunch of snowy photos on my way in to work this morning but, sadly, no time. Of course since I bought a fancy-pants camera, I've hardly taken any photos (and the ones I have look like crap, since I'm still figuring out that new baby). Anyway, work, I say.


Knitting Momma said...

Sounds like a rocking day, Ani. I'm glad for you! Beautiful photo, too!!

madre adoptiva said...

ahhh... I miss days like that. Good for you!

Nessie Noodle said...

digging thins photo!
My mom has uncanny luck at the thrift stores. She like the WARC off Keystone- always coming home with random tressures and new dishes :)

justin said...

Did you not even have to use your AK? Was your day THAT GOOD?!

Thrifting here in PDX is kind of a cross between a citywide pastime and a joke. Über-hipsters just go straight to "the bins"–totally unsorted stuff straight from unnamed sources in big plastic bins. Sometimes there are spiders. Others pay $50 for their East German Army jackets.

Ani said...

Yay! I did not have to use my weapon. Glad to hear the gangsta' is alive and well in PDX. Look forward to seeing you!

Yup, I think I need to give thrifting a second chance. Heh heh...get it? Second chance? Ok, drink more tea.

The Whole Self said...

love the good finds! i have horrible thrifting luck...thank goodness my dad is in the antique business- i get all his finds!