Monday, January 29, 2007

The Weekend Stream

Not sure what is up with me (hormones, anyone?) but I feel so edgy, on the verge of an anxiety attack. I just want to curl up on the couch with tea, knitting and movies on the tele. Hmmm, that's exactly what I did for at least part of the weekend but I think I need about a week more of that.

I can't rock the stream of consciousness like dear Nina, but here's my weekend in short...

Friday night, excitement building, trip to the airport! Our friend arrives! Pile into the car, shrimp bisque, mixed greens with goat cheese, pine nuts and strawberries, chapatti, wine. Uneasy sleep. The morning...the child won't emerge from her room for 'someone is out there!' Breakfast with my Mama, home for naptime (=mamatime). I am a knitty wizard: finish bunny ears and sew them to the body, fix hubby's sweater, finish one edging for my Eowyn gloves...all while finishing up 8 1/2, one of my new fave movies of all time. Muffaletta feast with friends and no one is injured. More restless sleep. Next morning, child still will not emerge from her room. Going to the museum! Pulled over by cop! Ran red light! Can't find current registration or insurance card! Find insurance card! Despite this, only a warning and no ticket for me!!! Museum fun with lots of kiddy activities. Naptime with some frustrated knitting on the second edging. 4 rows from finishing, had to rip it all out. Too many errands post-nap. Our friend departs. I'm feeling jittery. Started and finished the edging while watching Rivers and Tides, the perfect documentary to soothe my mood. Amazing temporal art created from nature that is often blown away by the wind or whisked away by water.

And there you have it, the weekend stream.


justin said...

Thanks so much for food and futon! I am sorry to have scared your daughter. I didn't think about how creeped out I would have been as a kid if I walked into my living room on saturday morning to watch my cartoons and found some dude passed out on my floor.

Ani said...

It was great to see you! Feel free to come by for flopping and food anytime!

This morning the kid was asking me where you were.