Monday, May 07, 2007

And what did you do?

This weekend I...

--made three loaves of bread. I almost made a choco chip banana bread too, but maybe that will come tonight. Let me tell you, I'm so happy. I finally made my dream bread: not too dense, not too full of air pockets, perfectly salted, with a thick, chewy crust. It was the "No Knead Bread" that usually does it's work in 12 hours. Well, it went into experimental mode after it hadn't budged after about 20 hours of (non)-rising. I decided, what the heck, I'll let it go another day and voila. After 30 hours of waiting, a beautiful, oh-so-perfect, golden orb of bread happiness emerged from my oven and can I tell you something? I'm in love with a loaf.

--FINALLY worked on the new leave-behind project. I wouldn't call it 'guerilla art', but more like 'guerilla fun'. I made little fortunes that I'm going to roll up like little scrolls, tie with yarn, and leave around town.

--bought a sun hat that hopefully doesn't make me look too dorky. Kidlet was my only advisor and she didn't nix it like the other dozen hats I tried, so hopefully it isn't awful.

--didn't get any schoolwork done.

--didn't finish the front yard project that would take any regular person an afternoon to do. It's taken me at least a month to: stretch out the new soaker hose, dig the hole for the (hopefully) 'live' Xmas tree, cut out (most of) the dead juniper branches (hate hate hate junipers. Except in the gin form). I still have to plant the aforementioned tree, finish the junipers, put the soaker hose in a useful spot, buy and spread bark for the areas where it has deteriorated. Once this is done, however, the front yard can take care of itself for another couple years. It ain't the purdiest of front areas, but it is reasonably xeric (no grass, thank you very much) and carefree (except for the minor work I'm putting in this year).

--didn't finish that SAME DAMN SOCK THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON SINCE JANUARY. Ummm, I really want to finish it. And I really don't want to knit the second one. But I will twist my arm and tell myself I cannot cast on the other 3 projects that I want to start (and let languish in my projects box) until I am at least 2" into the 2nd sock.


Knitting Momma said...

YOu've inspired me to try the same recipe and thanks for the tip about letting the bread be beyond 18 hrs. It's a funny thing isn't it - leave something alone for a while and eventually it will rise to its purpose.

2nd sock syndrome is a serious disease. V. serious. Try buying more yarn. ;)

Marisa said...

Good luck with your socks. I'm such a knitting dummy that I haven't graduated past a scarf.

Ani said...

heh heh, i like the 'buy more yarn' tactic! i actually bought some lorna's laces a couple weeks back to start some jaywalkers. i know, i can wear one of these socks and when i've knit one jaywalker, i'll have a wacky pair!

thanks for stopping by, Marisa! after floundering about with my quest to move beyond scarves (and after attempting sweaters), i discovered the love of socks. or maybe i should say 'sock' ;)

Knitting Momma said...

You inspired me again - I made my own version of the No Knead bread. It's fabulous! Fresh homemade bread with none of the work! Thanks for giving me a kick in the pants!