Friday, May 04, 2007

The Ol' Five Things Trick

1. Awoke to snow. Hoping it doesn't kill the seedlings.

2. Listening to Feist's new one, The Reminder. I've only been through the album 1.5 times and it's everything I hoped it would be. It's soothing my firey, hormonal mood.

3. vacation or not to vacation. If you looked at my bank account, you'd say "Woman! What are you thinking?! You definitely can't afford it!" But ohhhhhh, I need it. San Francisco, anyone? Anyone? You know...the ocean, North Beach, Chinatown, Hello Kitty store for Kidlet, Golden Gate Park, the racetrack? Anyone?

4. Planning a new guerrilla art project. It's about time I got off my booty and pulled something together. I am also thinking my guerrilla gardening project isn't going to happen this year because I don't have the time to cart water to the site. Maybe when Kidlet is a little older, I can interest her and we can make it a fun, sneaky, "under the cover of darkness" project.

5. Thankful, oh so thankful, it's the weekend. I'll watch the Derby and maybe refill Hubby's bourbon supply so I can sneak a little to make a mint julep. Did I ever mention how much I love horse racing? Yeah, a few times.


Knitting Momma said...

Go to San Francisco. Go. Go. Go now. Do not stop at home. Do not pass Go. Just go.

Seriously - we lived just N of Berkeley for a year while we were "consultants" (aka overpaid programmers). I loved it. I seem to fall in love with cities where the housing is unaffordable for anyone not making six gazillion dollars an hour.

Go. Swing through Zachary's in Berkeley for me. Oh, and the Greens restaurant. And Golden Gate Park.


KM (aka "The Enabler")

Ani said...

KM, I love you.

justin said...

You guys should come up to PDX! You can stay with JB, who has a big house and a spare room that is nice, or you could stay with us, who have a spare room, which is small. But nice. And we have good coffee.

Did I mention that Portland has a restaurant that only makes cupcakes? That's all they do.