Thursday, February 01, 2007


I've been tagged by Knitting Momma! 6 Weird Things About Me.

Hmmm, I have to limit it to 6? I'm pretty weird.

1. I hate hate hate to make phone calls. I like calling the family, I don't mind talking to friends, but if it's anything that remotely smacks of business, I start to freak out. For example, a vendor called and left a message for me regarding computer junk, and I'm dreading having to call back.

2. I really want a skateboard and have wanted one for about 10 years now. Sure I haven't been on one since I had my skinny orange plastic banana board from the '70s (yup, I'm THAT old) but it just looks like so much fun. I just want to cruise, no tricks. I've been drooling over this one.

3. I didn't own a car until the age of 28. Even then, it was a hand-me-down from my parents. It was a '77 Dodge Omni that I remember my parents driving off the lot when it was new. I named ''putt".

3a. I hate driving automatics.

4. I went through a phase where my dream job was to be a bookie working out at the racetrack. I would daydream that I would wear a porkpie hat, a light green polyester suit, drink beers with the other crazy track folks and take calls from my bettors. Now if that ain't weird, well, then I don't know weird.

4a. Other dream job...owning a food cart from which I would serve sno-cones in the summer and convert to crepes in the winter. I still like this idea.

5. I still anthropomorphize stuffed animals. When Kidlet plays with her puppy Henry and tells him he can have ice cream, gives it to him and then swiftly takes it away saying that 'Oh no, no. You can't have that! It's yuk!' I feel Henry's disappointment and give him a hug.

6. I talk to myself. A lot. All the time, really. People who know me either learn to tune me out or repeatedly ask 'am I supposed to be listening to you now?'

Let's see... who shall be next? Madre Apodtiva, perhaps?


Knitting Momma said...

Fabulous! Much less disgusting than mine. I'll get a skateboard if you will!!! ;)

Ani said...

Tee hee...let's be a skater gang! If any one hassles us, we'll whip out our knitting needles.

I could have pretty much said the same stuff as you (re: shaving and the bathrooms) but since it was already out there, I had to think of my other oddities.

Knitting Momma said...

I'm glad I'm not the only non-shaver (winter at least) in the universe.

I'm totally serious. As soon as we get rid of this winter weather, I will get a skateboard if you will. We can start a new blog together with photos of our knitting-mama-selves trying to skateboard.

As completely athletically inept as I am, this will be hilarious. Beyond hilarious. I've never been on a skateboard in my life. But I'm willing to try!

Uh - is that one expensive? Because it's super-cool.

Ani said...

It ain't cheap, sadly. $158 bux is the cheapest I'm seeing for a total package. But I am liking this idea more and more! I'm already thinking of blog names. 'Skateycakes' is standing out.

madre adoptiva said...

Oh what fun! Thanks for tagging me!!

Knitting Momma said...

Skateycakes - that made me LOL! I love it! I will start saving my pennies now. HK will think I've totally lost my mind, of course. KK will just want to ride on it.

Beyond hilarious. We are definitely crazy but in such a good way!

Nessie Noodle said...

It was so nice to meet you. hopefully I didn't talk your ear off (hubby asked if I shut up for a second while I hung out with you) and if I did I totally appologize (should have had the herbal tea, not the Thai Cafe).
Any who- it was great to meet you face to face and hopefully we can gather again sometime!