Friday, February 23, 2007

February 22nd and 21st

Feeling grumpy as of late. Maybe it's the PMS (ok, it's probably the PMS--I find that has all gotten so much worse since I had the kidlet, but I'm straying...). I've been getting crazily inspired and then...boom...back to reality. I don't have nearly enough time to work on the ideas. I'm back in school and then there's that pesky thing called 'work' (man, that really gets in the way). But happily, I found a small project that cheered me up. I was back on Keri Smith's site, and I was refreshing my head with the Guerilla Art projects. I liked the idea of making a flyer of my day. Well, I don't have time to make an actual flyer at the moment, but here are the past two days. Posting on the internet is close, eh? This tiny project did manage to cheer me up a bit. So might some really strong coffee. Have a swell weekend, folks...and I invite you to document it with a little sketch.


Knitting Momma said...

Wow. Ani. So COOL. I've been thinking recently about "artist dates" and ways to keep creativity in my daily life - besides the writing and knitting, of course) and this is a great idea.

Have you read "How To Make A Journal Of Your Life"? It's a sweet little book about including drawings in your journal, photos, found artifacts, etc. I really liked it, but you may do these things already.

Ani said...

Awww, thanks! I hear ya'. It's hard to fit it all in. This project was nice because it only took 5 minutes and it made me reflect upon my day...what stood out?

I haven't read that book, but it sounds interesting. I used to be a fanatic for journaling but stopped because I was in a bad place at the time and it just reinforced my bad state of mind. Now I just use them for lists and doodles.