Friday, February 09, 2007


Discovering...the poetry of Mary Oliver

Awaiting...web access to my f^%$&^ class! Please. I want to start. So I can finish.

Knitting...happily on my circular sock. Finally.

Needing...a tripod for my camera since I only want to take photos in the dark or with cloudy day light.

Baking...bread this weekend. I heart baking.

Hoping...Boo gets over being sick soon and that I don't follow his descent into the land of coughed-up lungs. ('Coughed-up lungs' reminds me that there used to be a divey Chinese restaurant here called 'The House of Lung Fung'. Unfortunate name, eh?)

Watching...Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser tonight while I knit. Unless I fall asleep while I put Kidlet to bed, a common occurrence. all have a splendid weekend with lungs intact and warm winds to thaw you or remind you of Spring (that is still so far away).


Knitting Momma said...

Ani, how did you do that side-by-side picture in this post?

Ani said...

I used the 'mosaic maker' on . You don't have to use flickr photos to do it, but you do have to have it point to some url. Lots of cool toys on that site!