Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Daisy Scarf as Interpreted by Me

Well, this doesn't look much like this. I'm finding in my investigations that Rowan is a bit notorious for having ambiguous instructions. I'm not quite sure where I went wrong. It looks kinda cool, but would be pretty useless for me as a scarf as I'd be snagging all the long stringy bits all the time. I've been trying to find some better explanations on how to knit this and have got some input but still can't quite figure it out.

Everything seems to be on hold right now; I can't log into my class on the web and haven't been able to get any help (which will mean I have to traipse around school, trying to find the mystical person who can fix it), every knitting project I attempt has ended in multiple froggings. The knitting thing though has been good even though I have nothing to show for it but squiggly, unraveled yarn. I've always been so focused on the product. I'm finding it interesting that I'm now just accepting the fact that I don't always know what I'm doing and yes, I will probably have to start over for the nth time.

I must tell you, I think I just drank the most disgusting chai ever. It tasted like gritty soap. I didn't finish it but was so desperate for one, I drank more than I should have.


bekka said...

yes it does look like that! keep on keepin' on.

Ani said...

really?! well, proceed i will!

Knitting Momma said...

Oh - where'd you get the chai? I love my homemade recipe:

1 tazo chai bag steeped in almost-boiling water for 5 minutes
maybe 1/8-1/4 C of soy milk heated in microwave
2 packets of splenda

yummy and not nearly as sweet as Starbucks!

Ani said...

that sounds sooooooo much better.

it was a local place called 'emerald city'. my coworker and i try to give the little guys some business but quality can be uneven. one day they rock the universe with their beverages and then the next time...gritty soap.

The Whole Self said...

i want a cup of KM's chai!

thank YOU so much for all your love and support this week...i can't tell you how much your kind words have meant to me.