Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Five Things...On My First Blogiversary

1. Camaraderie...I think this is the main reason why I started doing this. I saw the dialog between bloggers and while I was a commenter on several fave blogs, I felt like I was still missing out. To be honest, I really didn't expect anyone to read this thing, except maybe my family, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the connections I've made doing this. I give you all a big squeezey hug for making me a part of your reading.

2. Inspiration and Impetus...I've been deeply changed by looking into others' lives and finding out what inspires them. I like having a forum where I can share what is currently floating my boat. Blogging also gives me an invisible deadline. I feel a need to produce and share...a new photo, a few more stitches completed on a project.

3. Swapping...This was also a reason why I wanted to start this thing. I spent a lot of time on the crafty blogs and saw all the amazing goodies folks received via swaps. Many of the swaps I ran across required you have a blog. So I started one. And the only swap I've participated in was with sweet Nina (which didn't require a blog) and the current postcard swap with the amazing Andrea (which also does not require a blog). As much as I love receiving mail, I know I'd always be the late participant getting my stuff in the mail and I'd be too worried about disappointing folks by sending out a lackluster array of goodies.

4. Stop it already! Ok, I can't tell you how many times I've thought about throwing in the towel. I'm distancing myself from the real world by focusing on online life. This is just self-indulgent noodling. I often type before I think things through. I'm a dork. But oh well. I continue for now.

5. The Date I Started This Thing...I purposely waited until the 23rd of May when I started, because I didn't want to start this blog on the anniversary of my Dad's passing. It happened, most unexpectedly, two years ago as of yesterday. Here I am today, thinking about it and I feel I need to mention it now, even if it's only in a small way (since I still don't feel very ready to talk much about it). I'm still confused by his death and somehow expect him to walk through my Mom's door on a Sunday afternoon, ready for a glass or two of wine and to tell us of his adventures. I wonder what he would have thought about this blogging thing.

Wow, didn't mean to end this party on a melancholy note. Let's raise another glass of champagne, shall we? Kidlet will toot the party horn.


Knitting Momma said...

Happy Blogoversary!! Sorry about your father's death and I hope the connections help - you're certainly a big part of my blogging life...


The Whole Self said...

so glad to have met you here through this medium. i only hope that someday our "real life" paths cross and we can raise our real-life-wineglasses for a real-life toast! but until then...happy bloggieversary! xx

bekka said...

three cheers for your first year of blogging!

Ani said...

Thanks, ladies! It's really made this blogging thing worthwhile to have met nice folks like you.