Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Earthy Update

I've done a heap of nothing (ha ha) as far as my compost heap is concerned. All I've done is wade through Rodale's composting handbook. It sounds so complicated: too much of this and you've got a stink-pit, too much of that and you've got critters, too little of this and it will take 42.3 years to compost. I've composted before and had the "42.3 years" problem, so I thought some research was in order. Now I'm just getting overwhelmed. Maybe I just need a bucket of worms. That'll be a roaring success with the tot who is scared of anything that is small, slithery or crawlie. But I have started another earthy project: working on my water consumption ("I'm drinking at least 64 oz a day!"). No, I mean that I've been trying to wash my dishes without the water running down the sink for a solid 5 minutes, and I'm starting to use veggie cooking water and Kidlet's bathwater to water the seeds.

Gotta start somewhere, right?

And if someone can tell me why the line spacing in my posts is giving me headaches, puh-leese let me know. Sometimes I can get it to work by copying it into Word, changing the spacing to 1.5 and pasting it into the post it will hold the spacing....and sometimes not. It used to default to the proper line spacing for easy readability, but not lately.


Knitting Momma said...

Oh, great ideas. I shut off the rinse water when I wash dishes each a.m. but neever thought to reuse the cooking water, or KK's bathwater. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

don't know about the line spacing, sorry i can't help. then, too, can't help with your compost problem either. what good am i? now if you had a library problem/question, or maybe knitting, i could help!

madre adoptiva said...

I have the same problem with line spacing! It bugs! As for the water recycling... just how do you get the water out of the tub and to your seedlings? How many trips does THAT take??

Ani said...

I think the line spacing thing has to do with my posts with photos. If I type the post, then add the photo: good. Photo first, type post second: bad.

Madre: I'm lucky enough to have a HUGE watering can (I think it's 2.5 gallons). I just swish it through the bath water to fill it up. The rest of the water goes down the drain for now. :(