Monday, April 30, 2007


I need a vacation.

Let me say that again.

I need a vacation.


I talked to my mama this weekend and we discussed what this month has wrought; she has had one hell of an April, full of too much work and taking care of her sick mama as well as getting sick herself. Me, I'm just feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind and the stack of household fix-ups that seem to be growing bit by bit. She suggested we hop a train to California. I had been thinking about waiting until August, renting a little place at the mountain lake for a few days, but California. California. That's my mantra today...California. This is sounding more and more tempting every second.

I'm outta here!

Ok, slow down...deep breath. You at least have to spend an hour or two on the internet checking motel rates and making lists. That's half the fun.

An aside...can I tell you how much I dig flickr (again)? I posted two photos and two hours later, I've heard from a contact in Spain and a beloved contact here in my town. How cool is that? Local and global, smiles across the miles.


madre adoptiva said...

Ahhh... I'm dreaming of a vacation too, but we will be spending our vacation time in a tent for two weeks with two kids in the middle of July. It will be a little like a vacation, I guess... with no pool. Hopping a train sounds FUN! Kidlet would LOVE it, huh? I hope you do it!

Rebecca said...

i feel you yearning for calif. i'd love to go anywhere. it seems that i get burned out easier and easier anymore. need more and more vacations.

Nessie Noodle said...

hey girly...
I will bring back lots of california photos for you from our trip okay?
can I tell you that I love this ttv? and that I can hardly wait for my duaflex to come in themail and our photo date about town????

this week has been nuts- The planets must be in some strange formation.

thanks for the link, see ya in a few!

Ani said...

Yay! Please feed my CA obsession Nessie! Can't wait to see the photos you bring back...

Yes, more vacations for all. A new law in Pancakeland.