Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Few Things Noticed...

while driving to work today.

I don't like the spot I noticed on my pant leg.
I don't like spilling gas on my fingerless gloves that I've grown quite attached to.
I don't like spending 36 bux on gas (granted, I was running on fumes and had to fill the whole tank).

I like cloudy days.
I like birch trees swaying in the breeze.
I like silence and deep breaths.
I like following up the silence with Bags and Trane.
I like the unpredictable weather...snow? rain? Who knows what will show up this afternoon?
I like that I'm about to go get a fancy coffee.


Knitting Momma said...

I like this post.

Posts like these are so cool b/c they're little vignettes into someone's life. I now know you got gas today, and you did it wearing fingerless gloves (must knit some).

HOw was the fancy coffee? Delicious, I hope...



Ani said...

Thanks! I like this sort of post too. It serves as a reminder to myself to notice the little daily stuff.

I didn't get too fancy today. I decided caffeine content was of paramount americano it was. And I just took the last swig (now cold, but still ok).