Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sorry there hasn't been much activity here in pancakeland. I'm still feeling 'blocked' (ha ha, I know you are laughing, hubby). Silence is good, it just doesn't make for good blog-fodder. I feel like I need to figure out where I'm going with...everything. I want to figure out the camera so I can expand my skills. I want to find a way to squeeze in more knitting time. I really want to learn to sew as I've got yet another 500 ideas in that arena. I need to start a meditation practice. Figure out where I'm going with this whole school thing (this one looms large for me right now).

Maybe I'll do some list-making and get back to y'all. When in doubt, make lists. And be sure to make lists with a few super easy things to do (like make a cup of tea) so you can cross them off and feel like you did something.


Nessie Noodle said...

I like to make lists of the things I HAVE done, just to remind myself of how much I have really accomplished. It is kinda nice to do this at night so I don't go to bed feeling like I am swamped with incomplete.

ahh, can I get a pair of pink velcro shoes? those rock.

justin said...

At the risk of being pedantic:

This problem happens to me a lot, because my mind is always trying to prioritize stuff. Probably because this is what I do at work all day. So, when it happens to me, if I can pick 1 thing, almost at random, and then start it, it helps. Although mostly I pick "play video games." So, yeah. Not so helpful.