Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Plucking chrysanthemums along the east fence;
Gazing in silence at the Southern Hills;
The birds flying home in pairs
Through the soft mountain air of dusk--
In these things there is a deep meaning,
But when we are about to express it,
We suddenly forget the words."

--Tao Qian excerpted by R.H. Blyth in A Modern Buddhist Bible, ed. Donald S. Lopez, Jr.


Knitting Momma said...

That is so true. Lovely photo, too. Photography is so cool b/c it sometimes expresses what you can't put into words but see in the world around you.

WE're all striving for meaning, for that connection, no?

justin said...

Hey, are you shooting with a HOLGA or something? Through a plastic lens or what craziness? Not this one, the last one.

Ani said...

It's the 'through the viewfinder' technique. You use a digicam to look through the viewfinder of an old-timey camera (mine's a kodak duaflex). There are some groups on flickr and more instructions if you google it.

Ani said...

Thanks, KM!

Indeed, I feel like I'm on a quest right now.