Friday, April 20, 2007

Of Mountains, Mist and Memory

Ok, I can hear it now..."Memories, misty watercolor memories..."but that's not what I'm talking about (can't stand that song, BTW).

It's another morning with mist hanging about the mountains. I love mornings like this. My mom and I talked about it recently and it reminds us of Colorado days. The air was fresh, damp and cool. Full of energy, but not the buzzy busy kind, just clearheadedness and renewed will. I see snapshots in my head of those times...

--up on Fall River Ridge Road, running about in the grey clouds
--hanging out on the Snake River in Keystone with a friend, behind the German restaurant she lived atop
--racing around the forests that surrounded our home, sweetpeas and columbines tangled underfoot, all covered with dew

Right now I'm in mountain-mode. I love the desert (of course), but right now my head is in the forest, lush and green. Maybe this weekend I'll try and dig up some photos from the past and try to post them. Maybe I'll just dream about those times. But I will definitely try to soak up the cool air and gather its energy.

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Rebecca said...

love the mountains, too. i've traveled to coastal georgia and urban Georgia within the last 6 weeks and each time i spy my mountains on the ride home, i smile and feel happy.