Friday, April 13, 2007

Just what I need...more craft ideas

I am now the owner of a bunch of super sweet fabric. Do I know how to sew? No. I do have a sewing machine that I've used once, only to try it out. It is gathering dust at my mom's house. Yesterday, I found myself perusing 'very simple' patterns online, mentally creating a new wardrobe of skirts and floaty tank tops. I bought these fabrics just because I thought they were rootin' tootin' cute but already my mind is creating little creatures with wardrobes, quilts and the aforementioned skirts.

Why can't I just stick with a couple of projects, get good at what I'm doing before diving into yet another medium? This has been part of my mental noodling the past week or two. How do I carve out more tiny bits of 'free' time to work on projects? Is sleep really that important? Do I really need to go to school? These questions and more are politely requesting an answer of me. It's my biannual funk, but I think I just ignored the questions long enough that they are now slinking back into their dusty corner in my mind to reappear in the fall.

So, it's Friday, my friends. Are you ready? Oh yes, I am. The weather promises to be chilly, possibly even a little wet. I'm thinking that's my ticket out of yard work, don't you? If my yard would take care of itself, that'd buy me a little more crafting time. Anyway, not sure what we have up for the weekend aside from playing with 'Butter Biscuit'. That's Kidlet's new nickname. She said she does not want to be called 'Kitten' or 'Bunny' any longer because "I'm a GIRL." I call her 'Butter Biscuit' and she calls me 'Jammy Cakes'. Hmmm, biscuits and cakes...maybe a baking urge is starting to well up. Wherever your weekend takes you, hope it's warm and full of belly laughs.

BTW I'm listening to WWOZ (the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage radio station) and they are broadcasting live from the French Quarter Fest. Man, what I wouldn't do to get some crawfish bread right about now. And yes, French Quarter Fest is a far cry from Jazzfest, but it got me daydreaming, so let me dream.


Knitting Momma said...

I am industriously avoiding any websites/blogs with lots of cool sewing ideas/crafts/clothes on them b/c I know I'll go screaming over the edge into sewing-insanity if I look too much. I really want to learn to sew but am not yet through with the Year of Knitting, which seems to be lasting through 2006 and into 2007.

But you...I'll stick with! And don't worry too much about the dabbling. I'm a firm believer that dabbling eventually leads somewhere even if it's not clear where. You gotta just walk that road and see what happens.


madre adoptiva said...

Oh Goody!! Someone else to obsess with me over fabric and patterns! I've got the sewing bug in the worst way and I'm almost drowning in the fabric I've purchased over the past few weeks. SOMEBODY STOP ME!

And I like Kidlet's new nickname. :D Isn't it sad when they request that you stop using the endearing names you selected for them back, oh, about 3 years ago? Yet another page turned on the way to growing up.