Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth and Evil

The weekend was cool and rainy (although the sun did come out for a few hours during this photo). I tried to drink in that wonderful air every chance I could.

The weekend was full of ups and downs. The Earth Day festival was a yummy food stands, no music, and a meltdown at the adjoining play park as we were getting ready to leave. There was another little girl on the slides and Kidlet wanted to go down too. The little girl was attempting friendliness but Kidlet bursts out with "I don't like her!" followed by a pout. I dragged Kidlet away, who was screaming and crying the whole half mile back to the car. This is a newish thing (not the screaming and crying, that's old skool--actually, she's really pretty good, I shouldn't sell her short). When she comes across someone who shows a little interest in her (child or adult, she's not particular) she says loudly "I don't like them!". I'm trying to teach her that that hurts people's feelings and if she's feeling shy or nervous, she can either say nothing, or try and break the ice with "Hi". However, she did go to the park the day previous and had a great time playing with another little I-don't-like-yous so maybe that little girl had devil horns hidden amongst her blond ponytails and Kidlet was just trying to protect us all.

Got some new seeds to make up for the ones that the birds absconded with and planted them. We've got peas, lettuce and nasturtiums coming up already. I'm usually one to buy plants, but I'm really enjoying planting from seed this year. First off, it's cheap. Second, it's so much fun to see those little green heads poking out of the ground after waiting and waiting.

My Earth Day pledge: to start a compost heap.


The Whole Self said...

i wrote my last post and then clicked here to check in on you...and it sounds like we've got lots of the same stuff going on...-composting! how random. let me know if you have any tips...i'm thinking of going the worm route, but i'm scared one of my two little devil-horned babes will take off the lid and i'll have a thousand worms to clean up afterwards. eek! :)

Rebecca said...

that's too bad about the earth day festival. i don't think i left the house that day, or something. i didn't celebrate at all.

i so wish i could scream out "i don't like her/him" at work. maybe things would improve around here if people knew exactly where they stood with me. but it's a library. not like any kind of violent workplace.

i love nasturtiums. planted some once but had no luck at all. i'll look at yours vicariously, if you share photos of them, hint, hint.