Friday, April 06, 2007


Still in daydream land around here, not much to say. If you could be anywhere, doing anything, what would it be?

For me...

1. I'd be back in New Orleans. I wouldn't be living the drunken life anymore but the family life with lots of trips out for crawfish, the park and the zoo. I'd want to be working in a library.

2. I'd be living in a small town in Northern California (Nevada City/Grass Valley, perhaps?). I'd be a grower of organic herbs, open a bakery or a yarn shop.

3. I'd be right here.

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Knitting Momma said...

I'd be back in New York with enough money to live comfortably but not so much I lost touch with reality.

I'd be in a little house by the ocean in Nova Scotia, writing and walking by the ocean every day.

Here's pretty good, too.