Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Schoolwork Avoidance Tactic #1

Get photo from camera and post about the snow. Yes, this photo is from tonight. One minute it was reasonably warm but you could see the clouds gathering over the mountains. The next minute...this. Here's one without the flash and the groovy snowflake effects.

Schoolwork Avoidance Tactic #2...dig in the fridge for the last chocolatey cupcake from the weekend and enjoy it with a sip of wine. Of course my school books are open in front of me.

Schoolwork Avoidance Tactic #3...boy, I'm mighty tired. Maybe I should just go to bed and try to finish reading my overdue library book. It is overdue, so I'd be doing a public service if I finished it.

Cupcake first, and well, I'll give this schoolwork thing a shot but I can't guarantee anything.


Knitting Momma said...

You are my hero!! Too bad the weather's not conducive to skateycaking....

Ani said...

I managed to type up a little schoolwork, but the cupcake/wine/book/sleep combo won in the end.

I've been doing a few quick zips on skatey through the warehouse when I have calls to assist compy users in the outer reaches. I had been avoiding riding when there were folks in the warehouse for fear of pointing fingers and laughter but yesterday I did it. No laughter either (just a few raised eyebrows)! My fave comment was from a kid in his early 20's, "Wow! I wish my mom was cool enough to ride a skateboard!"