Friday, April 27, 2007

Twas All About Me (more or less)

Yesterday, I took off because it was it was slow at work. I decided it was going to be "Me Day... all me, all the time". After dropping off the Kidlet, I grabbed a cappucino to go and began the meander to over to the thrift store. Since it was early, I stopped the car, got out, and took photos. I always had thought, "Oh, I don't have time to stop and take a pic of (whatever wonderful, weird, interesting thing)". Well, I learned it takes about 2 minutes to do. Easy. This is a very good thing. Maybe I will learn how to use this camera after all.

And the rest of the day in short...

--Went to the thrift and got a stripey dress for Kidlet ($1.50) and a light cotton button down shirt for me with embroidery on the shoulders ($3.99).

--Went to the fabric store to buy two patterns, (Simplicity 7229 and Simplicity 4123). Would someone remind me I don't know how to sew?

--Raced over to get sushi with the hubs. It was a bit of a stressful lunch as the waitresses were weeded (totally overwhelmed, in waiter speak) and we had the super slow sushi service by our chef. But damn, it was tasty good.

--Went to a kid's resale clothing joint and got Kidlet 3 more dresses and a skirt for cheap and dropped off some clothes in the hopes that I can get some credit over there. big excitement for the day...the yarn store. I had seen a pattern in my Rowan 36 that I believed would make an excellent Xmas present. I spent about 45 minutes trying to gather up the yarn. Ummm, small problem. The Rowan Magazine is from 2004. Half of the yarn is discontinued. I came home and spent some compy time on the swing under the tree trying to figure it all out (ebay, translating into different yarns). At least it's only April and I have time to decide if this project is going to be worth the work (and the money, ohhhhh the money).

And here you see me in the photo above about to knit about 4 rows on Daisy, eat a bunch of Haribo Raspberry candy and officially end my Me Day by picking up the Kidlet. I think I need about four more Me Days to even start to catch up with myself.


Knitting Momma said...

Holy cow. You're GORGEOUS! Great photo!!!

Knitting Momma said...

Oh, and great, great day. I love days like that, where responsibility takes a back seat to just BEING. I wish I'd been there to ride along!

Ani said...

Awww, shucks. This is probably my annual 'one good photo'. I usually look like a freak!

I would have loved to have you hanging out with me!

Rebecca said...

sounds like a lovely me day. hurray! you should take off early from work more often.