Sunday, March 04, 2007

What I'm up to in the Knitting World

Here we have the oh-so-thrilling sock, about 4" in to it. This is only the first sock and I have had to reknit it about 40 times. But finally, we are on track. Yarn: Rocky Mountain Dusk, Knit Picks Memories. Pattern: Basic sock from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. I think I may feel a little goofy wearing these, perhaps a little Donny Osmond-ish, (who was reknowned for his purple sock fetish way back in the day). I'm always seduced by the deep, bright, jewel colors and then when it comes to wearing...mmm, maybe not so much. But I bet I'll wear them a lot, dorkiness be damned. I like to wear finished projects.

Next, we have the Daisy Scarf from Rowan 38. I still don't think it looks 100% percent like the pattern, but it's still pretty cool. I've made a million mistakes but since my yarn is so fuzzy, it's been pretty easy to disguise. It's stash Rowan Kid Classic from a couple years ago and it seems far fuzzier than the new Kid Classic I used to make my Eowyn gloves. Makes the pattern hard to see, but I think that's a plus in my case due to my weak skillz.

And lastly, the new baby. Bye bye, River shawl! Say hello to Karis! I am so digging this and it's been pretty fun so far. 3 repeats done on the collar, 15 to go (and then a billion rows and stitches for the body and hem). I've only had to undo it once (yay!) and I've been able to catch the mistakes that I've made and fix them right away. I was happy to in this photo that there's an actual pattern in there. Couldn't see it at all while I was knitting it. I was following the alphabet soup known as the pattern (k2, yo, k2 tbl, yo) and just hoping I put the right thing in the right spot. Woot! This is Rowan Kid Silk Haze in hurricane and pattern is from Rowan 36. The Rowan 36 was little gift to myself yesterday to cure my grumpiness. This is thanks to a gift certificate my Mom-in-Law gave me and a few extra bucks courtesy of my Mom. Now that I've had my afternoon knitting fun, the Kidlet will be up soon and then it's time to start wiping that snotty nose again. Poor kid.


Knitting Momma said...

That is some seriously cool knitting, Ani. I really like the River shawl. How do you like the KidSilk Haze? I'm using that in my next shawl, in "olive drab".

Nessie Noodle said...

so so so pretty! I have yet to do any lace- it scares me.
great color choices too!

Ani said...

Thanks, gang!

KM--I still really like that River shawl too. I think I got scared off since people said it was a really boring knit but I bet I try it soon. But this Karis poncho is a hoot to knit. The Kidsilk isn't pretty good except when you have to do a lot of frogging; it gets so tangle-y. I read this weekend if you need to frog, put it in the makes it super easy(!).

Nessie--I was scared too and then I just decided to go for it! has been useful for the trickier bits that I haven't done before. If you break it down to 'what am I doing for this next stitch' instead of looking at the jumble of abbreviations for the entire row, it's surprisingly easy!

bekka said...

40 times? really? no way. it looks great. no matter about the osmond curse. i got 2 skeins of the kid silk haze in hurricane, too! but for something else. a hazy-like scarf/stole?

madre adoptiva said...

Beautiful projects you got going there! I really must focus on knitting again. I keep losing my drive... ah well. Anyway, I hope I get to see you and kidlet tomorrow!!

The Whole Self said...

holy knitting! you have mad skillz :)

hugs to the snot nose!