Tuesday, March 13, 2007


A very fuzzy TTV taken this morning in my woozy, dehydrated state. I just had to show you that I haven't given up the ghost yet. I know the focus is totally wrong but the yellow is shouting "spring" to me so there you have it. I need to work on my 'contraption'. I've previously only used it inside the house where it is always really dark and focuses properly.

Man, I gotta tell you. This weekend was rough. We'd think Kidlet was on the mend then BAM, pukefest all over again. We took her to her as-of-now-former pediatrician and it was a not pretty. Let me say it ended up with me restraining my tot while she screamed and had the look of total fear in her eyes as they gave her a suppository. Yeah. Good times. At least I think she's finally on the mend, but still on the bland diet. I'm hoping that she's back to normal tomorrow.

You'd think with being sick, I wouldn't have been able to really do anything but knit. But alas, fighting the frightening laundry beast and laying down were about all I managed to do. The stack of chores certainly piled up during Sickfest 2007, but mercifully, I'm taking Thursday and Friday off to attack them. This weekend is Kidlet's bday and I'd like the house to be at least resembling 'clean' when the fam comes over for pancakes.

Here I am back at... cough cough (work) and I'm feeling quite spent. Dizzy, not quite all there (kinda like this post). So I'd better catch up on the tons and tons of work that I've fallen behind on since I've been out so much. But I had to catch up with y'all first ; )


The Whole Self said...

hope your bean is better soon! sounds like mama needs some takin' caramel, too.

Knitting Momma said...

That sounds miserable, but the photo is pretty sweet. Sometimes just one splash of color, one bit of bright helps get through the sickfests and whinefests and general crabby-fests. Here's sending you some xxxxx and ooooo and healthy vibes!

Ani said...

Thanks, ladies! I think we are finally on the mend...hugs to you both.

Knitting Momma said...

Here's hoping you're all still well and getting ready for the big party. I can't wait to see photos!



bekka said...

lovely daffodil. that's so nice. hate to hear that sickness and yuck is rife in your world. hope everyone heals soon.