Friday, March 23, 2007

The Weekend that won't be...

I'll be working all weekend. Yup. What a drag. Here's what I would have been doing:

--grocery shopping
--digging a hole for the (still) live Xmas tree to plant it
--digging a bed for Kidlet's veggie seeds with the tot
--baking bread
--chatting with Hubby (how I miss this)

Here's what I'll be doing:

--sitting at work, being the flunky during an upgrade
--While I'm waiting for everything to be made ready for my running about, maybe I can fix my sock knitting that went awry, right before I was going to turn the heel. What is my freakin' problem? It looks like I dropped a stitch on the end of one of the needles, yet all the stitches are there. I have an easier time with my lace knitting...but I digress.
--umm, maybe I can skateycake it around the building while I'm upgrading users.

I skateycaked through the parking lot this morning in my new skatey shoes. I wish I had a picture to show for it, but it will have to wait. Maybe I'll have some time this weekend to stare at my shoes and take artsy photos. Right.

I can probably safely bet you will have a more scintillating weekend than I...enjoy!


bekka said...

maybe your possibly dropped stitch is just a loose one from where the sides come together and are not knit tightly against one another? hope you get it worked out. and you'll save your back from all that digging.

Knitting Momma said...

Bekka may be right on - if you don't cinch up those joins between the two needles, you can get a really loose "run".

As for the upgrade...been there, done that. It sucks. I'll be thinking of you!!!

The Whole Self said...

skatey shoes?!? what what?

madre adoptiva said...

Sorry you have to work all weekend. Yuck!

Ani said...

Yeah, this weekend will be about 'unknitting' and sitting around at work. Could be good? Maybe I'll get turn the heel...I can only hope.