Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Randomness, anyone?

Can I say that I've gone back to the previous post, more than once, just to look at the knitty goodness? Oh yes. It's making me crazy that by the time I put the Kidlet to bed, I'm usually so damn tired that I can't do any knitting. Tried it the other night and I had to unknit two rows. Not good. And then there's the question, 'when am I going to get my schoolwork done?' I guess I'll have to bargain with myself, 'finish lesson 5 and if you aren't too tired, you can knit'. Ugh.

I was Skateycakes for about 2 minutes today. I rode skatey from the car to (near) the front door at work. I carried it in to the office and I got the round of "Be careful, Ani!" and "Ahhh...going for a ride, eh?" and "Is that board yours?" Ummm, I think I'll be a little too shy to be riding around the warehouse for a while. Maybe I can sneak it out and take a little glide down the bike path.

The weather is beautiful and that means the torrent of yardwork is about to commence. Prune 24 rosebushes? Anyone? Really, you can connect with nature in the most visceral way! Get stabbed by thorns, bleed...it's great! Maybe I'll "forget" where the pruning shears are and pull out the needles, and knit in the sunshine. This weekend, that is. So. Far. Away.

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