Friday, March 02, 2007

Love is...

Do you remember those uber-cheesy "Love is..." comics in the newspaper back in the '70s? Ok, I figured you didn't, but I do. But this post is just really about stuff I'm loving right now because I'm feeling grumpy and I need to clear the mean reds out of my head.

Love is...

a little kid who no longer has a fever

a daddy who stays home to cuddle a little kid while she's sick

scheming and planning out the weekend

wearing a new springtime Supermaggie t-shirt even though it's not springtime enough to do so

crepes and wine for dinner (and dessert)...Saturday night

Americano (coffee, that is)--edit. I think this one is coming off my list for today. I've got a raging headache. No thanks to you, Americano!

Bloggy folks...even though I go through a bi-weekly 'why do I do this?', it becomes worthwhile because of the folks I've met

baking raisin bread (tonight maybe?)

Sunday pancakes


Happy weekend, all.


Nessie Noodle said...

you are in so much trouble for linking me to super maggie (again!)

Knitting Momma said...

Those "Love Is" cartoons STILL appear in the Omaha World Herald. I'm not kidding.

Ani said...

NO WAY! GET OUT! That's where I used to read those dang things in the first place. What a weird little world...

Oh Nessie, I cannot stress the niceness of the Supermaggie folks enough. They are so friendly and they make such nice stuff. I was very bad and got two shirts (wearing the second one today).

The Whole Self said...

love the love mama.