Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Moment

Just got home from work, fed the dogs. Kidlet is with her Daddy visiting her Great Grandma Angie for a few minutes. It rained hard for about ten minutes and now it's quiet. Fresh. Green. Birds chirping and Donald Byrd on my lappy. I'm alone in the house which happens....mmmm...maybe a few minutes a week. I'm going to type on my homework like mad but I've got a glass of wine and a few crackers adorned with muffaletta scrumptiousness to keep me grounded in this contented feeling.


Rebecca said...

i don't know donald byrd. is there, perchance, accordion playing in his songs?

Ani said...

Heh accordion but I bet it would have made it all that much better!

madre adoptiva said...

Jealous. ;-)