Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Design Element

You probably can't see it, but there is a mistake. A few rows away from finishing sock 1 and of course, we have a misaligned pattern. Now the question comes, do I drop 6 stitches down to the offending row and attempt to knit back up, even with all the decreasing that needs to go on or do I just soldier on and hope no one (including myself) ever notices it? I am tempted to fix it, but my dropping/fixing skills are...well...null. What if I completely mess it up? I usually 'unknit' all rows back to the problem and fix it that way (or just rip the whole thing apart). The problem is so far back that unknitting isn't an option this time. Shall we just call the offending pair of stitches a 'design element'?

Everything has been pretty mundane. I've only taken about 1/2 dozen photos in the past week. I've been reading my school assignments and knitting Clapotis. Planning Kidlet's birthday (still over a month off). Finally watched the Herzog documentary that has been lounging about the house for over a month. Started reading The Dharma Bums. Trying to decide if I want to make the (longish) trek to Stitches West. Did the taxes. Paid the bills. Planning the summer Disneyland vacation with the tax refund. Made a veggie pie. Curry tonight.

Is it just me or is February made for slogging through as quickly and painlessly as possible? They even made the month shorter because it feels like it's a million years long. Ok, that's not true but I just feel so uninspired by February. I was going to try and come up with a February project but...well, it's the 6th of February and still nothing. I guess I've got a million years left to go.


Bean said...

I love Kerouac, and especially Dharma Bums! He really had a lot of great ideas... but he was an idealist, and never could fully apply his wisdom to his own life, kwim?

my e-mail is btw, if you ever want to chat, whatever :) My friend Carol is thinking of starting up a "non drugstore BS novel" bookclub, too - would you be interested?

madre adoptiva said...

Here, Here! February does feel like it's a million years long. What's up with that anyway? It doesn't help that we just keep getting blasted with snow, making the winter seem even longer. Oh well. I'm on the fence about Stitches West too... decisions, decisions. When are we going to get together?

Dan said...

Largely unrelated to your post, but cool nonetheless. I think we're getting it in at the planetarium, too.