Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Midweek-Weekend Wrap

Today is misty, with a chill in the air. Snow is dusting the hilltops. Am I sad that winter woke up again? Nope, it's refreshing. And there's still a touch of that fresh, green spring in that breeze.

I enjoyed a three day weekend that actually felt like three days. I managed to get a lot done, without hearing that little voice say "hurry, do more!" However, I did have a lot of anxiety/panic issues. I am going to start charting when they happen so I can start getting a handle on the problem. I know many of the root causes (having too many responsibilities, hormones, grief) but I want to see if there is a pattern and perhaps if I can recognize the pattern, I can figure out some tactics to fight it. It ain't fun. 'Nuff said.

I made some incredibly yummy pizzas this weekend (bbq shrimp, veggie and pesto, for those keeping score at home). I've been working on tweaking the recipe for some time and I think I finally have it just right. Yay!

In knittingland, I have officially reached the halfway point on my mom's birthday present (and it's awesome), did my first dropped stitches (that's a good thing, in this case) on the clapotis, and started the dresser scarf for Kidlet. We went to the yarn store to pick up the yarn for the dresser scarf and well, we had some trouble at the yarn store. No, it wasn't just the fact that I splurged (via a gift certificate) on one skein of this (color 158) but Kidlet picked up a huge glass vase that was on display and dropped it. Yeah. I turned my back for...yes, you guessed it...just a moment and then I heard Kidlet say "Look, Mama!" and crash. They were very nice about the whole thing but ugh. I still feel terrible.

Well, I wish I could say I was snuggled in front of a fire surrounded by my knitting projects and birding books, watching the birds come to the feeder but no. Today it's work and then it's studying for an exam tomorrow. Wish me luck and spontaneous deep knowledge of volcanoes, the rock cycle and plate tectonics.

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Dominique said...

Bonne chance on your exam... Sending you «good vibes»!