Friday, February 15, 2008

A Dozen Bits of Randomness on a Friday

1. Books Kidlet has been reading nightly:

Barkley by Syd Hoff (I love the illustrations.)

Mr. Tall by Roger Hargreaves (I've purchased many of these books. I usually buy the ones I think pertain to Kidlet (ie. Little Miss Contrary, Little Miss Bossy).)

Thanks, Mom by Ed Emberley (Kidlet loves Ed Emberly)

2. I think I am getting sick before a gorgeous 60 degree-ish 3-day weekend. Uh huh.

3. I have to study for my midterm and finish my lab paperwork.

4. I sent off my taxes. Horray!

5. I am getting a cavity.

6. Buying yarn for a project for Kidlet this weekend. No, she does not want me to knit a sweater, socks or a toy. She wants a dresser scarf. I'm thinking of doing something like this.

7. Trying to decide what my next book to read should be. Almost done with Dharma Bums (loving it) and one of the books I'm most interested in right now isn't at the library. Any suggestions?

8. Feeling the desire for new shoes. Trying to shove the desire out of the room.

9. One of my favorite podcasts that I've just started listening to is Radiolab.

10. I'm obsessed with the color green right now. Mmmm, green-y goodness.

11. This weekend, I think I will make waffles.

12. How come I can't find a decent a-line skirt?

Hope you get a dose of spring this weekend. Enjoy!


madre adoptiva said...

Solution to #12.. make one. :D Thanks for posting links to both those shoe sites. Now I'm shopping for shoes with imaginary money.

Ani said...

oh dear. i was afraid you might say that!

Bean said...

I have to battle the shoe desire, too... I've been drooling over these lately:

if you ever want to look through our library for books to borrow, you're more than welcome!

Dan said...

Yay, Radiolab!