Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumnal Ramblings

This morning there was a breeze coming in from the north, carrying the scent of wood smoke and damp. As I sit here now, I hear the calls of geese. This is all a bit unusual for here, but could it be? Happy Autumn, y'all!

Another harbinger of autumn...I attempted to buy new jeans this weekend. Note, "attempted". If they didn't make me look matronly, they showed bits that really don't need showing. Ten pairs tried, empty hands on the way back to the car. Do you have a brand by which you stick?

Kidlet and I started a project last night, making a spooky haunted house scene out of cardboard. It's going quite well. We have the house cut out and it has its first coat of paint. We'll reveal our results when we finish.

Kidlet's obsession with Halloween continues. Yesterday she told me she wanted to shelve the fairy costume (which is 90% assembled) and wants to be a witch. I told her when we made our decision with costume number one, we would need to stick with costume number one. Thankfully, we've come up with all sorts of details that have kept her interested in sticking with the fairy, such as carrying a little bag of 'pixie dust' (glitter) to sprinkle on the streets.

Enjoy your first day of fall. Eat some candy corn or bake an apple!


raining sheep said...

Shopping for jeans is a struggle...I wear Fidelity jeans. They fit wonderful; not sure if you have them in the U.S.

Katie said...

Aren't you glad fall is in the air! I was in Truckee this weekend and enjoyed the cool nights. It was 32 degrees when I got up at 7:45 on Sunday morning!

I haven't bought jeans in forever because I have the same issue you did - I try on a zillion pairs, none fit, and I get frustrated.

My current rotation is a couple pairs of old torn up Gap jeans, which are about the only ones that fit correctly.

madre adoptiva said...

Shopping for jeans always pisses me off. I just got a pair of Old Navy jeans that fit surprisingly well. The Sweetheart style (which is not too matronly and not too diva-ish) comes in short, regular and tall lengths. :)

madre adoptiva said...

Oh, and I meant to say that W has changed her mind about a dozen times about what she wants to be for Halloween, but I think we've nailed it down to Dorothy (Wizard of Oz).

Rebecca said...

oh yuck. jeans. maternity jeans suck so much. but "normally" i love levis. they fit me best, but then also have a pair or two of tommy hilfiger and calvins that fit my body type. i'm an hourglass, when not pregnant. usually size 12/14, so those designers cut their jeans with women who have curves in mind.

Anonymous said...

I hate shopping for new brands of jeans. I stick with Gap Long & Lean. I need a bit of flare at the cuffs, and they fit me the right way. If they got rid of them I would be very sad.

I feel a bit like kidlet! I still want to be a pirate, but my friends are having a themed party around a Civil War/Victorian era gang of ruffians that plagued the area that we call our hometown, and I want to fit in. :) Plus I can wear my old duster and carry fake guns and be a "lady of the night". That's fun. I hope the corset I buy fits. And I keep toying with the idea of sewing a skirt. Silly me.

Nessie Noodle said...

I totally smelled the wood smoke this weekend- toally autumn. It does feel good though, doesn't it?

We had grilled peaches and icecream last night-mmmm. not quite apples, but oh-so good!