Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Collecting a Collection

A "one hour" collection inspired by echoes
Quiet weekend, no obligations. I got a limited amount of schoolwork done (my internet browser locked up and I lost about an hour's worth of research) but on the bright side, I did get my milkshake (boysenberry). I didn't finish the scarf but that's primarily because I'm not sure when to stop. What's a good length? Every pattern I see says "knit until it's long enough". As this is not for me, I don't know what is 'long enough'. Any thoughts? We're at 65" right now.

About the one hour collection...Kidlet and I went to the park on Sunday afternoon. The playground was filled with boys with toy guns, dramatically groaning and flopping about on the ground when 'shot'. Kidlet was scared of them so I suggested we go to the arboreteum. We walked through all the 'secret' paths and pretended we were fairies. First we were forest fairies, then night fairies, then water-mermaid fairies. Kidlet collected the magic leaves and I found the piece of pine. Goodness, it was a beautiful pine with long, drapey boughs that gently swung in the breeze. It was an excellent way to spend an hour.

Three things I love right now: the cooler evenings/mornings, my new top with a hood that makes me look like an elf, Monday night dinners alone with the Hubby. What are you in love with right now?


raining sheep said...

Right now I am in love with running along the river, thinking lovely thoughts and watching the leaves turn yellow. I love autumn, I just love it.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I used to do that too, when I was little. Forest walks where I would pretend I was a fairy and collect bits of things. I wish I had someone that would do this with me now, who wouldn't look a me like I'm nuts. Can we all take a walk in the woods together?

emily said...

we're all about the fairies and collections right now. and monday night dinner alone with the hubby sounds divine.