Friday, September 12, 2008

"Culinary Schools Want You"

...was the subject of a spam email I received this morning. As I was driving home from class last night, I thought "What the heck am I doing? I'm going to be going to school FOREVER. I want to be done and moving into a different career NOW." I got that spam this morning and thought, "Hmmm, maybe I need to go back to an old" Hmmm, probably not. Despite the work being enjoyable, I could never do it again as the pay and the hours are terrible.

A roller coaster-y week. I got a hair cut that I despise. My hair girl left town and I am in-between stylists. There is a girl at work that has hair similar in texture to mine and she has a wonderful cut. I went to her stylist who chopped and thinned my very thin hair into nothing and now I look like a chubby old squarehead. A coworker remarked yesterday, "Are you gaining weight?" Lovely.

I got some work done on my term paper by taking a half day off work. I think I could eek out 3, maybe 4, pages of the 10 that I require. I've got a long way to go but at least I feel I have a foundation on which to build.

Looking forward to a weekend with limited commitments. Might go look at a new dining table (our ancient 50's dinette is on its last legs, for real). Work on school, school, school. Try to bust out the rest of the charity scarf. I really need to do yard work but probably won't. Maybe I should gain more weight and make these Raspberry bars that Tracy made? Or get a milkshake? Whatever I do, it's going to be low key. Hope you have a relaxy weekend too.


raining sheep said...

Oh my, this post life is in that whole "back with the program" mode. I just got back from holidays/conference on Wednesday and am just trying to get accustomed to working...yuck! A co-worker asked you if you gained weight? Like hello...who says that kind of thing to a woman? Even if I gain like a 100 lbs. I don't want anyone asking me if I gained weight!!

madre adoptiva said...

I agree... who on earth would say such a thing to YOU, of all people? RUDE! Sorry about the bad 'do'... I'm sure it doesn't look half as awful as you think it does. We're having a yard sale on Sunday, so there won't be much relaxy going on here.

emily said...

i vote for the milkshake. hugs to you, ani.

Anonymous said...

whoa, what a jerk your coworker is! Hair grows back, luckily. I feel for you and your in-between-stylists dilemma, though. That's a tough spot to be in. There's such a trust and commitment with a stylist. I thought I'd lost mine once and I nearly had a breakdown. Luckily, I'd found her again.

I have had that "I'm going to be in school forever" thought so many times before. Even now, in the last class of the program, I feel like I won't actually get to be in the field forever. Keep pluggin.