Friday, September 26, 2008

Much better, thank you.

Quiz is over (I think I played it in the key of 'B'). Tire is holding air. I have an appointment this morning to fix said tire and I am looking forward to the time to knit and work on my school paper. A blessing in disguise, eh?

I am always happy when there isn't a full appointment book for the weekend. The only things penciled in are a sweet girl's birthday party and some bread making. There are about half a dozen 'you really should' type things that could use doing, but I think I'll let the weekend pull me wherever it would like to go. Pssst...weekend? Want to go for a drive to the mountains to look at leaves and eat cookies? Yeah, me too.

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Anonymous said...

oh, wow, it sounds like you've had just as horrible a week as I have. I sympathize, completely. I'll go for a drive in the mountains and eat cookies with you (I was planning on making some this weekend because I. Need. Cookies), and I'll sit on your patio with a glass of wine with you too. And then you can come over for some porch time and apple picking and pumpkin gazing. Sound good?