Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So Good

We went to Fairytale Town (always a lovely time) and the zoo (mixed feelings about zoos). Kidlet and I ate cotton candy and cookies.
We had dinner at a friend's house and watched bits and pieces of Fantasia via their projector. 'Twas magical.
I did a bunch of yard work and random house chores (felt so good to be done!).
I baked the bread. Not one of my usual recipes, but it was still tasty.
And may I mention again, I dropped a class! Woot! Woot! Woot!
Enjoyed cool weather. Shared laughs and yummy food. It truly felt like a long weekend.

I snapped a pack and a half of Polaroids. It felt extravagant but good. Using expensive film makes me hold back my itchy trigger finger which means that I am probably missing out on the really good shots. Despite my 'holding back' in the hopes of saving film for my supposed can't-miss shots I had several failures and as that film is like gold, it was disappointing. I'm noticing that even mediocre photos get a nod of approval from me just because I like the tones that the Polaroids get. Maybe I need to find a cheaper way to get that tonal satisfaction with photos that are properly composed, eh?

I'm trying to get started on my paper for my remaining class. It's a very small, local topic and all my searches thus far have brought up next to nothing. Looks like I'm going to have to do some research away from the computer. It's been so long since I've had to do this sort of thing, I've forgotten all the basics. See, if I had stayed in the dropped class, I could have been getting my refresher course in all this. And if I had stayed in the dropped class, I could have lost my sanity too. Bonus! Or wait, didn't my sanity already made its way out the door ages ago?

Ok, onward...short week countdown to the balloon races!


Rebecca said...

hooray for classwork. i recommend talking to the librarians at your univ. they'll give you a refresher, for sure. i feel the same way, ambivalent, about zoos. but i'm mostly opposed to them. looks like a great time shooting those flamingos, though!

emily said...

i've got the same push-pull with the pola film. use it, don't use it, feel guilty about it either way.

Anonymous said...

yay hooray for dropping a class!

I have mixed feelings about the zoo too, and those same frustrations with the polaroid. I don't feel that I take good pictures with it at all, but I still love the mediocre ones for their tones.

raining sheep said...

I hate zoos...but, kids love 'em. I hate school but I have to get on with it. I love your polaroid and it was definitely worth the film.