Friday, December 12, 2008

5th Things and Creatures in the Chest

Strange flu has turned into strange froggy creature living in my chest. I know it evolved because I had to spend some late night schoolwork time earlier in the week and now I’m paying the penalty. Sigh (cough, rumble, cough).

That being said, I’m officially done with the semester as of last night. I BOMBED the poster presentation. I did not realize that I was actually going to have to stand up in front of my 25 fellow students and give a spiel. I thought we were showing, not telling. I am horribly timid in front of a crowd and I lost it, trembling voice, blank mind. But I ACED my paper (200 points out of 200 points, thank you very much).

So, I will jump back in this space with a meme. Noddyboom tagged me for "5 things I do each day to keep my mind healthy". It’s rather ironic that I talk about this subject as I am the most high-strung, stressed-out, anxiety-ridden person I know. Despite this, I do think about this sort of thing quite often even if I don’t do it.

1.. Give yourself a break every once in a while. Granted, I often push on even when it's against my better judgment (this week being a prime example). However, I've been doing this more and it really does help. There were several nights this semester when I thought "Ok, I need to get reading. Get this schoolwork done, woman." and then I realized what I truly needed was to go to bed or do a few rows of knitting instead. So, I'm giving everyone a "give yourself a break card". Use at your leisure.

2.. When you go to bed, leave reality behind. Instead of thinking about all the worries of the day, daydream. Think of the ocean and its salty breezes. Or a forest with quietly falling snow. Or your career as a knitwear designer ala Anne Hanson (whoops, that's my daydream).

3.. Exercise. I surely don't do this enough but when I do, I feel eons better.

4.. Lose yourself in the moment. Don't be in two places at once.

5.. Don't be (too) hard on yourself. I'm miserable at this one but I'm getting better. I try to give myself mental hugs and little treats here and there.

I know my answers were a little weak, but this isn't my best subject. Have an excellent weekend, lovelies...I'll be the one knitting by the fire, bread in the oven. :)


Anonymous said...

all important, all things I try to do too.

Still wishing you get well thoughts. Man, being sick sucks. I know it'll hit me sooner or later.

Madre Adoptiva said...

Gosh, I think all of those answers were wonderful and made me really think about what I do for my own mental health. Gotta think about that one really hard. I'll get back to you.