Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Avoiding and Some Other -ings

Thinking...about making a doll. I remember this thought being in my head last year too. Must be from watching the Rankin-Bass Rudolph and loving the misfit dolly.

Avoiding...schoolwork! I feel like it officially ended the week before last, despite the quiz I have tomorrow and the presentation the following week.

Enjoying...Shorpy. I like saying 'Shorpy'.

Drinking...eggnog in a brown mug.

Planning...the cookie schedule. This weekend, Pinky's Brown Sugar Fudge, next weekend...? The following weekend, pipakuks. Every year I make the two favorites and choose a new cookie to try. I'm about to dive into the cookie section of the December Gourmet.

Back to what I was Avoiding.

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Anonymous said...

hi! you're back! me too! although not blogging yet. :) I need to plan a cookie schedule.