Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feeling New

So it begins. It started with a search for a beloved 3/4 inch tall toy from Japan who had gone astray. In the search for Simon (the tiny toy), my desk area became 80% cleaner. Kidlet's room is about 20%. Simon remains is some remote hiding place but the house is benefiting as we are cleaning as we search.

The stack of items for donation grows daily. (Anyone need a good toddler car seat? Anyone? Anyone?) We don't have a whole lot of stuff which is important in 925 square foot house but as soon as things stop being used, they need to go. I'm feeling the New-Year-Clean-Up-Bug hitting me with full force. I am hoping that will be the only bug to hit me...Hubby has come down overnight with some frighteningly bad crud (get better soon, Boo, ok?).

Kidlet and I are designing our New Year's Eve crowns. It's one of the two New Year's traditions that we started last year. The second is to bake a New Year's Day pie (this year will be berry). I'll be making a couple of New Year's resolutions, one is a carry-over from year to year (sit up straight!). The other...hmmm...how about 'live well'? I'm liking it.

Meet you on the other side...2009!


Katie said...

I tend to tear my house apart looking for stuff!

Happy New Year Ani!

Anonymous said...

I like your new years traditions. Enjoy that pie! And I hope your hubby feels better.