Friday, July 06, 2007

Imagine this...a crafty post

We went to a little tie-dying party last week and while my creations did not come out as proper tie-dye (more Jackson Pollock, as Kidlet might say), it still added some color to some plain white stuff. When I saw the end result of Kidlet's tank top, it had a big white spot on the chest. It was crying out for adornment. I decided an applique was in order. Kidlet picked the fabric and shape, and I got to sewing. Granted, my work is simple but it really felt good to sew. I can definitely see doing more of this in my future. It was quite nice to start and finish a project within a half hour. If you are wanting any applique inspiration, try and get the book Applique Stitchery by Jean Ray Laury on ebay or at the library. It's awesome. I first heard about it here.

Even the back came out somewhat tidy. Success? We'll see how it comes out in the wash.


emily said...

i stitched hearts onto my daughter's t-shirts last week (to cover some spots that i couldn't get out in the wash!) - they're super cute. but your back is so much neater than mine - i'm counting on the fact that nobody but me will ever see the back.

madre adoptiva said...

Oh my.... how adorable! I am so impressed that this is your first applique project. Beautiful job! BTW, did you use the stabilizer?

Ani said...

Thanks, ladies! Nope, no stabilizer. If it holds together, it'll be a miracle.

That's a great idea, Emily...I should applique my own clothes since I'm such a slob! ;)

Rebecca said...

supermom saves the day! and the tie dye!