Sunday, July 15, 2007

It was a very good day...

Being in the mix of one of the more stressful summers on record, I'm trying to take my vacations where I can. Whether it be 15 minutes in my book before I fall asleep at night or 3 hours at my Mom's house on a late Sunday afternoon, taking a break from all the pressures that are crowding in on me is a necessity.

Last night, Kidlet and I went to my Mom's house. She bought the grooviest kid's pool that looked like a crab, had a tiny BBall hoop and sprinkler fountains. We all splashed around, drying our feet on towels and blankets that I hadn't seen about 20 years. We opened one of my Dad's good wines (a 1997 red from Spring Mountain...amazing, I tell you). We ate shrimp, fishstix, salad and bread. I baked a berry pie. I forgot all my troubles for three hours. I call that a very good day.


Anonymous said...

yea know, going to my moms always seems to chill me out when I am stressed. I can take a nap there when I couldn't do so at home. I can be fed good food and hang out in the kitchen. family is good like that.

stay cool my friend..


BePe Baby said...

That sounds delightful and I am jealous.

Ani said...

it was sooooo nice. three cheers for moms!

thanks for stopping by, Christina! and of course it's always good to 'see' you Vanessa. maybe in real life in...August?!

Rebecca said...

what are you reading? something fun?