Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sit down, I'll get you a cold beverage of your choice.

Sorry I haven't been the good blogger lately. You know, things have been so busy. Work is kookoo. I'm dealing with the stresses of the tot going to her new school. (Oh, it's actually getting much better, thank you.) I miss my husband desperately as we see each other only on Saturdays and Monday nights. I need to get my sweet dog Nora to a vet to...sigh...get another lump looked at (and probably taken off for $500). But I still consider us lucky. Nora has had the cancer for a year now and seems to be doing really well. She spent all last night in the backyard chasing from one leafy nook to another, hunting birds. Speaking of the yard, it is a shambles. Dry, dusty and crispy. Our hill is eroding away and turning to a pile of crusty, desert dirt (very light on the organic matter) at the bottom of the hill. Can't decide if I just want to let it ride til next year or attempt to fix it during the hottest days of summer. And me? Let's see...I'm still dawdling over taking my exam for school (big surprise). I think I'll just make an appointment today, you know, just to have a deadline. I work better with those (sometimes). I started doing a little sewing. Yeah, crazy, eh? I started hand sewing a sock kitty from this book. Cute book. If only I had more time. Haven't knit a stitch in over a week. Very sad as I'm just a few inches away from finishing the socks.

Oh yeah, you might want to stay your distance. I'm sick. Sick in 100 degree weather with no air conditioner. Awesome!


Last order of business...

I received the last of my postcards from the swap. Sigh. I'm going to miss the race to mailbox to see what treats are ensconced within. I've been feeling completely beat up so I haven't managed to scan the cards yet, but hopefully in the next day or two. If you are wondering about your cards, YES! They have arrived and they are all beautiful.


madre adoptiva said...

Sorry things are so crazy for you guys right now (and that you're sick to boot). It's good that kidlet is doing better with the whole school thing though! :D We miss you guys SOOO much!

Ani said...

we DEFINITELY miss you guys too.

emily said...

i was thinking the same thing - about the postcards - when i walked up the driveway this afternoon to get the mail. it was bills. just bills and a catalog or two. such a let down - i miss my postcards!

are you doing the fall swap?

oh - and glad to hear that the new school is going well!