Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Postcard Swap--Round 2

How can you not smile when there's a recipe for play dough included? Leonie thoughtfully supplied one for me, knowing I have a tot. The tot also really like the sparkly flowers (as do I...mmmm....shiny!).

This collage is so beautiful and if you didn't know, we're all about the birds in this household this summer. This is from Rebecca.

This scan in no way can convey the delicateness of the drawing. It's a pair of peaches rendered on a page from The Joy of Cooking (jams and jellies section, of course). The reverse can be seen here. From Stephanie at ruby crowned kinglette.

I just received a couple more cards but I will wait just a tiny bit longer before I just go ahead and post them. I have to say, I'm happy that some of the cards are taking longer to get to me to stretch out the fun just a little longer. Then it will just be stinkin' old bills after that. Sigh.

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Cathy said...

It's not over unless you want it to be. Keep sending out love and you'll get it back. Autumn swap starts in August!